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It would be best NOT to share this page directly, in that it is meant to be kind of internal.

The links, such as for brochures and one sheets, are appropriate for outside eyes ... just send those links. 

Even though it is just for the few of us, I will give it better formatting over the weekend.

Here's a listing of links to resources related to SPGAS marketing:


This, I think is the most useful list of links ...

**** The SPGAS Library & Scrapbook ****

Links to websites, PDFs and other sales and introduction resources that already exist.

Why make something new when it might have already been written?



SPGAS Already Written Stuff

Why write something when it might already have been written?


The SPGAS Drawing Board

Links to ideas that re in the works for SPGAS


Call Out Scripts

A compendium of call-out intro scripts