The Society for the Preservation of The Great American Songbook

SPGAS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation dedicated to the preservation of the music that is the soundtrack of a defining time of America's history.

Our goal is to memorialize the music and the artists, create interesting ways to appreciate the art in school classrooms and to make enjoying the music easy and fun for generations to come.


From Dick Robinson, Founder ...

We created SPGAS in 2008 to preserve and perpetuate the music, character and history of the Great American Songbook — music that punctuates a special time that is part of the DNA of our country.

By pursuing our mission, this great music will remain accessible to those who grew up with it ... and to future generations.

We've set out not only to preserve the music itself, but to chronicle the life and times that served as platform for the genre.

What follows is a very brief summary of key, meaningful, ways you can help the cause.

Because our organization is founded by marketers, you’ll see the many ways that valuable promotion and marketing extensions can be incorporated as a side-benefit from your involvement in the organization.

Introducing SPGAS ... a foundation that has many benefits to becoming involved. 

Aside from the service to the community in helping preserve this special music with your support, we bring you a committed roster of artists who are ready to lend their names to the cause. 

PLUS, we have a team of marketing professionals who understand the nuances of leveraging a sponsorship — with your retail and trade customers, for example — and can help you manage a sponsorship investment, so it can justify itself on many levels.

   Internet & Radio  

The Original "GAS" Station & Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea ...

The Original GAS Station is the official 24/7 stereo feed of SPGAS.  It can be sponsored or even co-branded and used as a VIP premium to existing customers, or be utilized as a more traditional, mainstream media tool.

The Internet stream is devoted to the cornerstones of the music that was a foundation of a generation ... music that is finding its way into the collections of new generations of fans ... everyday.  The on-line programming even features special guest host appearances of the artists who helped make The Songbook an important part of Americana.

Our internationally syndicated, companion, radio show, Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea, extends the reach of your sponsorship on commercial and public radio stations, year-round.

     Opportunities to Support SPGAS Internet & Radio:

- Sponsor webcast segments with sponsor ID's and corresponding interactive on-screen ad tiles so listeners can respond to your message

- Co-sponsor or co-brand the ENTIRE webcast presentation as a premium for your existing customers

- Sponsor and co-promote mainstream distribution to the general public as an advertising platform

- Share sponsorship and marketing benefits with vendors or other marketing partners

- Sponsor segments, features, or even take title sponsorship to the entire radio network in exchange for sponsor ID' s and commercials


Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea ...

No other modern-day TV show offers so much American classic music, along with interviews and features with the artists.

Dick Robinson hosts a weekly, half-hour program devoted entirely to the music of The Great American Songbook.

     Opportunities to Support SPGAS on TV:

- Underwrite production and distribution in exchange for on-air recognition and cross-promotion in this non-commercial environment

   An Accredited SPGAS Curriculum  

Without a concentrated effort, the knowledge base of this music could ultimately disappear.  From the simple melodies of the genre to the sophisticated orchestrations of some of history's best artists, this music was an important part of the soundtrack of the century.

It is our goal to create a complete, multi-faceted curriculum to be administered by professional educators and made available to schools nationwide (and worldwide) to educate students about the history of the GAS music and the times that influenced it.

     Opportunities to Support An SPGAS Curriculum Program:

       - Underwrite curriculum development     - Underwrite related scholarships

       - Organize a commitment to developing curriculum materials at an accredited college or university

  Library, Hall of Fame 

There are many factors, including the simple passage of time, that threaten to obliterate this valuable page of Americana — neglect should not be one of them.

Our grassroots initiative has the very simple objective of not only physically preserving the music itself, but fostering an understanding — or an appreciation, for lack of any better words — of this valuable genre.

The goal, and the commitment of the SPGAS board and other members, combine to make an official library or museum-type permanent archive of sheet music, vinyl records and even film, a logical extension of the organization's mission.

While being an invaluable key element to the organization's public service, such a repository could also serve as a tourist destination — and a valuable asset to the tourist district eventually awarded rights to this attraction.

  Traveling SPGAS Exhibit 

The memorabilia collected for a library/museum lends itself logically to a traveling extension, to attend major fairs and other events, regionally or nationwide on an annual basis.

Alternatively, a traveling exhibit might make for a good starting point — a soft launch  — for what can grow into a more ambitious permanent museum.

     Opportunities to Support SPGAS:

- Host and underwrite a library/museum to serve as an attraction or other tourism center

- Collaborate with vendors or other marketing partners to create a traveling exhibit to tour major event venues across the USA

  Special Events & Experiences 

Sponsorship of SPGAS, at any level, affords your organization VIP access to very many concert events and other personal appearances by the distinguished members of the foundation.

Additionally, other thematic special events can be crafted to extend your involvement and to dramatize your association with this special cause.

     Opportunities to Benefit from an SPGAS Relationship:

- Create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for key employees, vendors, customers or other marketing partners

- Create bigger-than-life promotions or other campaigns to dramatize your association with SPGAS to targeted consumers

No other organization, Internet web stream or radio program brings the same music,

along with the support of the artists and personalities who helped form the genre.

  The SPGAS Organization 

Honorary Board of Advisors

Tony Bennett

Vic Damone

Jack Jones

Connie Francis

Keely Smith

Our Distinguished SPGAS Members

 - Ron Abel     - Lucie Arnaz      - Ann Hampton Callaway     - Ron Della Chiesa     - Gloria Corsoro

 - Hamp Elliott     - Tony Ferretti     - Dick Golden     - Joni James     - Marilyn Maye     - Bucky Pizzarelli

 - John Pizzarelli     - Martin Pizzarelli     - Faith Prince     - Mike Renzi     - Michael Rose

 - John Rubino     - Rob Russell     - Billy Stritch     - Steve Tyrell


Our Generous Benefactors

      SPGAS Ambassadors ...

                 - The Lois Pope LIFE Foundation    - The late, Dame Celia Lipton Farris

      Other Lead SPGAS Benefactors ...

  - John Rubino     - The Richard & Helen DeVos Foundation

Herme` de Wyman Miro, Founder and President of The International Society of Palm Beach

 - Patrick M. Park     - Robert & Sue Tomsich

 - Lawrence J. and Florence A. DeGeorge Charitable Trust     - Ms. Suzy Minkoff

 - Ms. Ari Rifkin / The Len-Ari Foundation, Inc.     - Richard and Sarah Pietrafesa

 - Simon C. Fireman Charitable Foundation     - The Rhoda and David Chase Family Foundation, Inc.

 - Patty Myura / Eleanor Pat Reeves Foundation

Dick Robinson ... is Founder and President of The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook.

As a life-long broadcaster and educator, Dick saw the void being created as the passage of time threatened the appreciation of this precious part of America’s heritage.


Gregg Simonsen

The Music Known as The Great American Songbook ...

 ... has been the soundtrack for so many Americans for so many years, the Songbook itself deserves its place in the American history book. 

From the singers and crooners who made the music popular, to the musicians and writers who perfected the craft — all have a place in the history of this wonderful art form and your support helps assure that the music will, in fact, live on.

SPGAS is undertaking an honorable mission.  There are many meaningful ways to get involved.

From underwriting the creation of a credentialed curriculum to share with millions of school children who might otherwise be deprived of a substantial education in the art because of the crisis in today’s music education programs, to the development of a library or museum to serve as a long-term repository for the artifacts and other exhibits to keep GAS alive for years to come.

Finally, the benefits of sponsoring TheOriginalGASStation.org or SPGAS's official radio and TV networks can combine to bring strong national and international exposure and a tangible connection with your business.

Promotional Benefits ...

 ... from partnering SPGAS are unlimited! 

Aside from the committed roster of the practitioners of the art who are ready to lend their names, we have marketing professionals who understand the nuances of leveraging sponsorships and can help you manage your investment so it can justify itself on many levels.

Our hope is that you'll be interested in pursuing some involvement directly.  If not, I ask that you pass this along to someone, or let us know whom, you think would have interest in a partnership.

Thanks again.

                                                      Gregg Simonsen


                                                      (206) 236-5145 






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