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July 12, 2011







!!! NEW IDEA !!!



Here's an idea that utilizes some resources -- unique to our company -- that can combine to result in a high-profile initiative that is at once ...

 ... community-oriented     ... brand-building     ... revenue-generating

 ... event-oriented     ... consumer promotion     ...  a sales incentive for advertisers

I'm Thinking ...

Our new owner has a high profile and enjoys a good reputation in New Hampshire and, to a degree, in neighboring Massachusetts.

Everyone's future success could be enhanced by a high-profile campaign that personifies both Bill and the station itself in a positive light.

Leveraging Bill's achievements in motorsports into a truly integrated, station promotion that would fall together logically, give the station sales staff something exciting to talk about in the community and make for a unique and graphically exciting on-air presentation!

   The WBIN-TV, Bill Binnie 2012 Race For Kids  


Putting the cart before the horse ...

I was fooling around with what a consumer web page for this might look like.

It probably makes more sense to look at this page second.




WBIN-TV & Binnie Motorsports Join Forces to Raise Money for a Good Cause  ...


  Potential Partner/Sponsors 


 - Sunoco, Mobil 1    - Other Series Sponsors  

 - Auto Parts/Tire Stores    - Discount Stores


   - Banks    - Supermarkets (and their vendors)

 - Travel    - Outdoor Supplies    - Beverage

(Any community-oriented company or organization, i.e. credit unions, service organizations, etc.)


 - Station Vendors    - Show Providers    - Other Contractors


  Promotion Extensions 

 - Radio Station Partnerships    - Newspaper Partnerships

 - Event Updates    - Showcar Appearances   - Personal Appearance

 - Kick-off Banquets    - School Appearances    - Public Relations



   - Advertiser Excursions    - Consumer In-Store Sweepstakes

 - Viewer Contesting    - ???



High-Profile Marketing ...

 ... creating incremental revenue for both the station and the team

   ... increasing visibility for the station  

      ... creating consumer excitement

          ... creating a sense of local pride for the community

PLUS ... giving the station's sales force a very unique proposition (and point of differentiation)



  Possible Benefits for a Sponsor 

Local Media

 - Premium WBIN-TV advertising

 - WBIN-TV promotion

 - Promotion on radio station and other media co-partners

 - Exclusive exposure on WBIN-TV and team websites

International Sports Media

 - Nationwide (worldwide) television and print media coverage

 - Viral marketing through the Team Seattle Website and our Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages

Public Relations ... managed by our, WBIN-TV in-house Public Relations team.

 - Positive public relations benefits by contributing to an important charity

 - Content, including quotes and pictures, for your advertising collateral, press releases, and Website

 - Named at all pre-race promotional events

 - Professional media exposure with New England sports media     - Team poster

Incentive Travel ... VIP travel packages for employees, clients or sweepstakes winners.

 - Travel package for two included in each partnership package


 - Title sponsorship (in premium partnership package)

 - Corporate graphics and logos on the race car and drivers suits

 - Corporate graphics on team banners, team hauler and electronic per-lap donation board

 - Driver and show car retail point of purchase appearances

Here are some inspirations ...

Team Seattle ... Racing for Kids

Here's an example of people doing something like this ... without the benefit of a media partner.

July 2012:


At first, I was thinking that the promotion could be centered around a major International race, such as Le Mans, or Sebring, Florida.  Weighing the situation in its entirety, I think the most logical event is nearly in our back yard.

Lime Rock Grand Prix

A New England event

 ... One that could/should promote in our area

 ... Ample hospitality and experience opportunities for guests

 ... Under three hours from Boston


Lime Rock's owner, Skip Barber might be a friend of Bill's.


American LeMans Series is one I have experience with and the series Bill races in.


Lime Rock is on my "working Lead list" as a viable spot ad candidates.


Here is a too-long video about the Team Seattle effort that I had in mind while putting these ideas together.

I used to know these folks and they did have an impact.