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Monday, June 27, 2011:







!!! NEW IDEA !!!


Connecticut School of Broadcasting ...

Working on a home page for CSB Gets Connected

We promised a web extension for their TV show ... this could be used as is, as far as I'm concerned ... or if we have a webmaster, it could be done over from scratch and simply used as a guideline.

WBIN-TV Leave Behind for Companies featured on "CSB GC" Show

I mentioned that I will be using my influence on the CSB show as an entree to people who might be worthy potential advertisers.

This is a couple sales-oriented pages answering the questions about the show I expect to encounter.

The second sheet is to help CSB use the show as a promotional partnership vehicle. 


More Canvassing ... More Canvassing ... More Canvassing ...

WBIN-TV (newsletter format) Bill Binnie's Racing Credentials Email Blast

 ... sending with an individual note on the top to prospects, to people I know, or who I'd like to know, who are involved in any way in motorsports.


Canvassing ... Canvassing ... Canvassing ... Canvassing ...

WBIN-TV (newsletter format) Bill Binnie Email Blast

 ... sent with an individual note on the top to prospects I've had any dialog with in the past.

The WBIN-TV release about the network affiliation was added when the news came down.

Al Turner Letter Email Blast

 ... I sent this to border-line strangers the day of the transition.

It was incorporated as a link into the "newsletter" version above.

WBIN-TV News Clippings

PDFs of recent news clippings. 



Al asked me to continue perusing healthcare prospects, just not to pitch the half-hour New England Healthcare My Show.

I've been monitoring, prospecting, that category (as you'll see if you look at the CANVASSING LIST tab above.

Healthcare Marketing Video

 ... We've sent emails, done follow-up calls, and so on, using  THIS LINK  to everyone on the healthcare prospect list ... entitled "Free Six Minute Healthcare Marketing Video from WBIN-TV"

 ... underwhelming effectiveness.

 Kristina, use Video Code 501  to proceed to the video and other links to creative ideas, healthcare advertising news clippings and the marketing rulebook.

Revised WBIN-TV One Sheets

 ... These are being sent as PDFs, or delivered in person, as appropriate, to whomever I think I can get to look at them.

As always, I'm happy to share ... None of these have my name on them.

Tuesday Competitive Meeting Notes Library

LINK ... PW: comp2, then [Submit] button

 ... I have no idea if anyone will care to have this.  I find it handy, so I can get a hold of the info easily.

It has a very simple password protection scheme.

Like everything else, I have it protected from search engine robots.


The WBIN-TV Channel Lineup

 ... optimized for iPhone, I use it before I get out of the car anywhere, so I can tell people where to find us.


The Map ...

Al asked for a map that shows the "wheres" related to contacts I've made regarding the station. 

All, despite their headquarters, do marketing in Boston.

This is at least three weeks old.  FYI