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If you are here, you probably realize that the Roku streaming media platform is an unsurpassed vehicle to make your video library accessible to a worldwide audience.

The benefits related to having your videos available to anyone who's interested, so they can watch your content on the biggest screen in their homes the TV in their living room, den or family room makes the viewing experience far more compelling than watching on a tiny computer screen and far simpler than trying to hook their laptops to their sets manually.

The Roku platform ...

Roku makes development clean and easy.  Their Official Roku SDK breaks out everything for someone who wants to create their own channel from scratch.

Yet is understandable that many business owners would rather tend to day-to-day business and leave the development and maintenance of a channel up to someone else.

A recent video channel I completed had 170 separate videos and over 14,000 descriptions, titles, thumbnails and other key fields.  The process may be simple, but it is arduous.

Depending on how your videos are organized, it is possible we can create a channel without having to use excessive amounts of storage space or bandwidth charges.

I have four established channels online and will handle no more than two accounts in development at any one time ... that means any changes or additions can be addressed quickly often instantly.







How we'd work together ...

I work by assessing your requirements and video content, I then generally design a mockup for discussion and quote a solid fee for the given content, design, production ... and eventual presentation to Roku's programmers for approval to their public Channel Store.  During the process the channel-in-progress is available to you for real-time reviews.  Once the channel is complete, I can turn it over to  you for monthly maintenance and updating, or we'll agree on a practical monthly (recurring payment) fee to keep things flowing smoothly.  My preferred payment method is PayPal.

Additionally, there will be monthly fees due to you for the "infrastructure" related to your channel, such as AWS buckets, a programming platform, video storage, bandwidth, etc.

My services include expediting your channel through the entire submission process, if you choose to make your channel available to the public.  (Roku demands excellence and our breadth experience regarding compliance grows everyday.)

Communications packages ...

If you wish, I can create a monthly newsletter or a special web landing page for your site.  Keeping your viewers up-to-date can lead to more traffic.


Things to keep in mind ...

Is your content interesting enough, to enough people?

If it might not be, if you have a small but loyal following, you can probably get by with a private Roku channel that you promote to your group.

Do you have enough content?

A viewer can spend hours at a time with your channel.

Is your content of high enough quality?

Show me what you have and we could talk that over.  The two issues are production and video quality.

Do you own your content?

Be sure.  And, that includes the music you use.

Are you thinking of monetizing your channel?

If so, how?  This is something else we can  talk about.

Are you thinking of ever streaming any live content?

If so, that is something we need to consider right up front.

How soon would you line to be on?

Depending on a number of factors, it could be quicker than you might think.

In the end ...

You'll have a totally professional Roku channel established, and the process will be refreshingly uncomplicated as you deal one-on-one with an experienced developer throughout the entire development.

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Drop me a line by email gregg @ crnwest . com and let's set up a time  to discuss your needs by phone.